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Let’s say you have a tendency to leave Facebook or Gmail open on your computer, and your friends have a tendency of texting you at 3 am. Getting woken up to a loud ‘ding’ is never fun. Wouldn’t it be nice if your computer automatically muted itself when you go to bed? And maybe again […]

Useful Chrome Extensions (2014)

September 28th, 2014

Back in the day, I wrote up a list of useful Firefox extensions. Let’s look at what I’m using these days.

As a sequel to my previous post, I’ve always wanted to use the metadata embedded in a file (which is usually correct on most downloaded music) to fix the filenames of an arbitrary number of files. Well, I took a little time today and figured it out. First, I prefer working with context-sensitive methods via […]

I’ve gotten back into playing Diablo 2, and I accidentally hit the Windows key every now and then, which minimizes the game. Here’s the code to disable that key via AutoHotkey while Diablo 2 is open and active: #IfWinActive Diablo II { ~LWin Up::Return ~RWin Up::Return }

A common task I’ve been using AutoHotkey for lately is adding the artist to the filename of an mp3. Here’s some quick code to do that: RenameSongs(path, artist) { Loop %path%\*.mp3 { IfNotInString A_LoopFileName, %artist% { newfilename = %artist% – %A_LoopFileName% StringReplace newfilename, newfilename, (1),, All FileMove %path%\%A_LoopFileName%, %path%\%newfilename% } } TrayTip File rename,Done! } […]

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