Steam Sales RSS Feed

I described how to make this RSS feed using Feed43 in this post. I think it’s just so useful and awesome that it deserves to be on this page.

Dropbox AutoHotkey Library

I’ve been writing some functions that let you do a couple interesting things, as detailed in these posts:

Does that sound interesting? Well then to do this, you’ll need to:

  1. Get Dropbox
  2. Get AutoHotKey
  3. Download my library and then include it in your AHK file.

YQL Open Tables

I’ve made two YQL Open Tables for Hack U. They’re available in the YQL Console when you click the “view community tables” link. I’ve written the following posts about them with examples of each function:

Pedestrian Wars Prototype

I created this simple game in XNA 2.0 as a prototype for my Video Game Design class.

Pedestrian Wars screenshot
Pedestrian Wars XNA

Campus Map Mashup

Hillary and I created this mashup for the Yahoo! Hack U at Georgia Tech hacking/coding competition. It’s the Georgia Tech Campus Map with several improvements. Most notably, it incorporates live GT Stinger/Trolley tracking, the Stinger/Trolley stops, and handmade layers that show campus crime and Wikipedia articles about GT locations.

Wiki Editor Interface

This project for my UI Design class is an attempt to add an intuitive WYSIWYG interface to MediaWiki. It combines MediaWiki and FCKeditor through php and css changes to each. It’s installed on my personal wiki in case you would like to try it. There is no available source code at the moment.

WYSIWYG Wiki editor screenshot
WYSIWYG editor interface featuring a copy of the Tech Tower article

WYSIWYG Wiki markup screenshot
The interface allows users to edit using wiki markup.

Text Compliler

This is a project in C#, primarily started to utilize a windowing framework designed by someone else. Said framework uses Visual Studio 2003-style child windows that can be arranged per the user’s desire.

Text Compiler screenshot
Text Compiler, showing its interface and search functionality

Text Compiler screenshot
The code this program is built on includes Visual Studio 2003-style child window dragging, as shown.