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So I recently noticed that my code to combine AutoHotkey with iTunes wasn’t working, so tonight’s project was to get it working again. Luckily, AutoHotkey has dramatically developed since I wrote the last post, now bundling native COM support in a version that is generally known as AHK_L. For a full list of things added […]

So there are plenty of applications that will let you view PDFs on your iDevice, but if you really want to enjoy reading a book it needs to be reformatted to have a decent font size. To that end, I suggest converting it to ePub and reading it with the iPhone app Stanza. While using […]

Like many people, I don’t keep all of my data on one computer or device. I’ve got another machine that I dump less-used media to as my laptop doesn’t exactly have the largest hard drive in the world. Unfortunately, if you try to add a network drive to a Library using the GUI, it won’t […]

There are many iPhone apps that offer you views of your Google Analytics data in a phone-friendly format, at a variety of price points. The one that I suggest is free and easy to use: Analytics by Applidium. Downside: you have to put your Google email and password into the app, so that involves a […]

Someone recently sent me a kmz file (Google Earth), but I don’t have Google Earth installed, and couldn’t be bothered to put it on my system at the time. How do I quickly view the contents? Well, you need a url to the file. The easy way is to put it in the public folder […]

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