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Traditionally, if you’re running AutoHotkey and want to use the Program Files directory in a path, you’d use the built-in variable %A_ProgramFiles% which would parse out to wherever the directory was located. So, to open Putty (assuming it was installed) you’d have this code: Run %A_ProgramFiles%\PuTTY\putty.exe WinWaitActive PuTTY Configuration We run into trouble when we […]

One of the more controversial changes in Firefox 4 was to remove the RSS Icon from the “Awesombar” that showed up when feeds were present on the page. Sure, there’s a toolbar icon, but it’s always there, whether or not a feed is on the page you’re viewing. To restore the functionality, try this Firefox […]

I’ve gotten a lot of search results for “autohot key use mouse button as shortcut” lately so I figured I’d write a short post for whoever keeps looking for it. To see the full list of key codes, go to this link: List of Keys, Mouse Buttons, and Joystick Controls. On there you can clearly […]

Graph your Facebook friends

March 4th, 2011

As a computer science nerd, I probably get a little too excited by data visualizations and graphing. I particularly miss the Nexus facebook application, and have been looking around for a decent replacement. The lead picture is an example of a graph I’ve generated using the following method, detailed after the cut. I hope you […]

I’ve had another idea… press a certain key combination, and you get a link to whatever text you had selected. This mirrors the ability to easily share text on sites such as pastebin. To use it, you’ll need AutoHotKey and a Dropbox account. Then grab my updated AHK Dropbox library. Usage Download the file to […]

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