Useful Chrome Extensions (2014)

Back in the day, I wrote up a list of useful Firefox extensions. Let’s look at what I’m using these days.


Better Popup Blocker

This extension is fantastic at blocking unwanted popups. More details here. Downside: it isn’t on the Chrome store, any more; you can find it at

Hover Zoom

Why click through to something when you can just mouse over it?


Allows you to use vim-style keyboard shortcuts to navigate webpages. Chrome Web Store: Vimium.

Project Naptha

I’ve had mixed results with this one – it performs optical character recognition on images in your browser, theoretically allowing you to select, copy and translate text in images. It’s worth a look, at the very least. Chrome Web Store: Project Naptha.


The Camelizer

Shows Amazon prices over time. Chrome Web Store: The Camelizer.

Enhanced Steam

Shows you what games you own and price comparisons from other websites. Check it out at

Andrew Guyton

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