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As a sequel to my previous post, I’ve always wanted to use the metadata embedded in a file (which is usually correct on most downloaded music) to fix the filenames of an arbitrary number of files. Well, I took a little time today and figured it out. First, I prefer working with context-sensitive methods via […]

A common task I’ve been using AutoHotkey for lately is adding the artist to the filename of an mp3. Here’s some quick code to do that: RenameSongs(path, artist) { Loop %path%\*.mp3 { IfNotInString A_LoopFileName, %artist% { newfilename = %artist% – %A_LoopFileName% StringReplace newfilename, newfilename, (1),, All FileMove %path%\%A_LoopFileName%, %path%\%newfilename% } } TrayTip File rename,Done! } […]

Clockwork Quartet

October 19th, 2009

I learned about this group, the Clockwork Quartet, through TheSixtyOne and I’d like you to give them a listen. Their songs are generally in story form so make sure you can hear them wherever you are, or wait until you can pay attention. Or just listen anyway! That’s cool too. If you like what you […]

A Cross The Universe Goes To Warp

September 13th, 2009

I’ve noticed a definite trend in music lately, or at least the music that I listen to; there seems to be a convergence between what I know as the various forms of electronica and the far more popular (at least in the United States) genre of rock. The two examples of this that come to […]

Required Listening

May 21st, 2009

I’ve come across some (okay, a lot of) music that some of you might appreciate on t61. I’ve embedded them for your listening pleasure after the cut. I’ve tried to categorize it a little bit instead of having fifty embeds in a row. If you particularly enjoy a track, or find this post especially informative, […]

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