A Cross The Universe Goes To Warp

I’ve noticed a definite trend in music lately, or at least the music that I listen to; there seems to be a convergence between what I know as the various forms of electronica and the far more popular (at least in the United States) genre of rock. The two examples of this that come to mind immediately are the chiptune groups I Fight Dragons and Anamanaguchi. More simply, if you like Daft Punk or Crystal Method, you’ll like what I have for you here.

Justice doesn’t fall exactly into that grouping, but they have a sound that (as evidenced by their live album, A Cross The Universe) goes very well in a concert setting, the backbone of a good rock career. I initially heard their music in the Assassin’s Creed II trailer “Visions of Venice” and loved it. Thanks to the awesome iPhone app Shazam, I learned that particular song was Justice – Genesis, from the album A Cross The Universe, apparently released in late 2008.

Now, Genesis isn’t the only amazing song on the album. I’d heard several remixes of Phantom on thesixtyone.com, some of which are RAC – Phantom Part III (The Pragmatic Remix), Mr. Westmore – Phantom Strikes Back, and Jones Harth – Phantom pt. I and II (Jones Harth Mix). Similarly, I’m almost certain that I’d heard D.A.N.C.E. [youtube.com] before in one mix or another. That said, in my opinion, the live versions of these songs are all noticeably more exciting than the (still excellent) other versions/remixes available.

So go find this album online (iTunes link) or pick up a physical copy and give it a listen. Thanks 🙂

Andrew Guyton

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