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T&P Lofts at Sunset

April 8th, 2011

I particularly like this image, which is surprisingly enough, a panorama taken with my Canon Powershot IS1000. Click through to the flickr page where you can get a high-res version. IMG_5044_IMG_5051 hdr edited by disavian on flickr

While I may have graduated, many people I know have not done so yet, and ask me what classes I found the most useful. Here’s a short list for anyone looking to take something meaningful.

I dug up some data in OSCAR and ran it through the Google Charts API to present to you the following infographics about the cost of my BS Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Note that this does not cover costs of food or housing paid while living off-campus, or on-campus costs during […]

Atlanta to Fort Worth

November 11th, 2010

Not long after my friend and fellow GT alum Paul moved to San Fran, I found myself in a similar situation but for different reasons, and took a different approach than he did. I’m happy with the end result, even though I miss everyone from the Atlanta area. As many of you know, I interviewed […]

Hack Week 2010 Submissions

March 15th, 2010

At the moment, I’ve uploaded what Hillary and I created during Hack Week to http://www.disavian.net/hacku/, and am reposting that here. We ended up submitting six hacks, and won an award entitled “Flood the Hack” in part because nobody had attempted to submit that many hacks in a competition, and because Christian also enjoys making lots […]

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