Cost of my Georgia Tech Degree

I dug up some data in OSCAR and ran it through the Google Charts API to present to you the following infographics about the cost of my BS Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Note that this does not cover costs of food or housing paid while living off-campus, or on-campus costs during co-op semesters.

Overall costs by category

Tuition breakdown

Mandatory fee breakdown

Breakdown over time

Andrew Guyton



Wow. Very informative. I’m wondering: these charts show “in-state tuition”. I thought you were an out-of-state student. Were you able to somehow qualify for in-state tuition for part of your tenure at Tech? And if you did, how so?

Andrew Guyton

There are two “tuition” charges on your account every semester. They’re not explicitly labeled, but it’s pretty easy to figure out which is which by the pricetag. That help you?


Oh, yes. That makes sense. Thank you for clarifying.

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