Hack Week 2010 Submissions

At the moment, I’ve uploaded what Hillary and I created during Hack Week to http://www.disavian.net/hacku/, and am reposting that here. We ended up submitting six hacks, and won an award entitled “Flood the Hack” in part because nobody had attempted to submit that many hacks in a competition, and because Christian also enjoys making lots of small hacks and trying out new technology. It scored Hillary and I sweater blankets with the Hack Week 2010 logo. Pics on flickr in a few places, but most notably the GTACM flickr pool and the Hack U! University Hack Day pool. Relevant sets: mine, Hillary’s. Without further ado, here are my hacks:

  • Flickr/TinEye Userscript: A userscript from a flickr page that runs TinEye, a reverse image search engine, on that image. Only runs in firefox, sorry. Example image to run it on: Batgirl 2 by Brian C Carter
  • Geolocated Flickr Photos: Uses geolocation and loads flickr photos that have been geotagged near you.
  • Flickr Exif Visualizations: YQL-based visualizations of details of the 150 “most interesting” photos on Flickr. The pie charts are from Google Visualizations
  • YQL open tables for FourSquare: A new open table for YQL that makes some of the most useful features of the Foursquare API easily accessible. The other APIs can be quickly implemented based on the work so far.
  • Foursquare Nearby Locations: Foursquare venues near you, plotted on a map. Uses the YQL Geo Library and the above Foursquare YQL Open Table.
  • How far did I…: Uses Google Maps and the FourSquare YQL Open Table to calculate walking and driving distance in the last x days, up to the last 40 checkins.

I may make additional posts about each, time permitting, and discuss the technologies or problems involved in each. Our hacks from previous years were the Campus Map Mashup (2008) and FlyBy (2009).

Andrew Guyton

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