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Someone recently sent me a kmz file (Google Earth), but I don’t have Google Earth installed, and couldn’t be bothered to put it on my system at the time. How do I quickly view the contents? Well, you need a url to the file. The easy way is to put it in the public folder […]

One of the more controversial changes in Firefox 4 was to remove the RSS Icon from the “Awesombar” that showed up when feeds were present on the page. Sure, there’s a toolbar icon, but it’s always there, whether or not a feed is on the page you’re viewing. To restore the functionality, try this Firefox […]

Graphing Facebook Groups

April 3rd, 2011

Many of you have enjoyed my previous post on graphing your facebook friends and so I expect that you will enjoy a follow-up post with a few more ideas. In particular, you can download the social graph of a group you’re in to graph how people within it are connected, even if you’re not friends […]

I’m going to illustrate a use of the previously posted Steam YQL Open Table. We’re going to create an RSS feed that has the content of this page about Braid. Here’s the result: Braid news. YQL First, we get the appid of Braid, which from the url is 26800. Then, we put the following query […]

Steam YQL Open Table

March 6th, 2011

On a whim, I decided to make a YQL Open Table for the Steam Web API. It was fairly simple given my previous experience with creating YQL tables. This means you can pull data from Steam using YQL, and combine it with all of the other functionality in YQL. I’ve put them on github and […]

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