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Traditionally, if you’re running AutoHotkey and want to use the Program Files directory in a path, you’d use the built-in variable %A_ProgramFiles% which would parse out to wherever the directory was located. So, to open Putty (assuming it was installed) you’d have this code: Run %A_ProgramFiles%\PuTTY\putty.exe WinWaitActive PuTTY Configuration We run into trouble when we […]

I’ve gotten a lot of search results for “autohot key use mouse button as shortcut” lately so I figured I’d write a short post for whoever keeps looking for it. To see the full list of key codes, go to this link: List of Keys, Mouse Buttons, and Joystick Controls. On there you can clearly […]

RSS Hacking with Feed43 and YQL

February 26th, 2011

My most recent project has been using certain free tools to create RSS feeds. I’m an avid user of Google Reader (since 2007 I’ve read something like 133k items) and I (for example) don’t want to open a page just to view an image when it, or have to manually go to a website that […]

I’ve had another idea… press a certain key combination, and you get a link to whatever text you had selected. This mirrors the ability to easily share text on sites such as pastebin. To use it, you’ll need AutoHotKey and a Dropbox account. Then grab my updated AHK Dropbox library. Usage Download the file to […]

Sorry for a new version so soon, but I realized somewhat belatedly that the easy way to get a file’s location is to simply copy it, something that AutoHotKey does rather easily. So, I’ve put a new version of the library up. This one can copy multiple files/folders to the dropbox, whereas my previous version […]

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