Better Together: Hamachi and VNC

We’ve all been somewhere (be it Starbucks, your work, a hotel) where we didn’t have access to the router to allow certain ports through. Some programs or tools require a direct connection or LAN access. Here’s the solution: Hamachi. It allows you to set up a ‘virtual network’ of several computers, allowing you to connect as if you were on a LAN with the other computers. Download Hamachi

Some obvious uses for this include file sharing (provided it is enabled); multiplayer PC gaming (Age of Empires 2 comes to mind), and the point of this post, remote access. There are a few methods; if I am the only one using a computer, I prefer Remote Desktop. If you’re viewing someone else’s computer while they’re using it (to troubleshoot, share things, etc) I prefer VNC. Now you can share your desktop with anyone, no matter what crazy network setup you have. Download TightVNC

Andrew Guyton

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