Delicious Crepes

A tasty crepe I made
A tasty crepe I made

I’m certainly no master of the stove, but I’d been craving some crepes for a while now. My first step when cooking, given my extreme love of the internet, is to use Google to look up an appropriate recipe. I then attempt to follow said guide to the letter.

I picked the second result; the first was the Wikipedia article, which I highly doubted would instruct me on how to make one. The recipe? Basic Crepes at Allrecipes.

It’s fairly easy to mix things together, assuming you have the ingredients handy. The tricky part is the cooking. I tried variations of the recipe, such as:

  • hot skillet and oil spray
  • hot skillet and too much olive oil
  • hot skillet and some olive oil
  • (finally arriving later in the night at) cool skillet and oil spray

Despite the instructions, having a (relatively) cool skillet when you start allows you to pour the batter without it cooking before you’re done making your pretty flat circle. Also, too much oil will fry it, and you’ll have more of a pancake than a crepe. All of these methods produced delicious results, but as far as the stereotypical crepe goes, the latter was the most successful.

Andrew Guyton

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