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Kotaku is one of my favorite blogs. As an avid gamer, I find they have generally relevant content on a daily basis. I wasn’t expecting this gem, though: Wii Games Hit The Bargain Bin Faster Than PS3, 360 Ones.

While the summary of the article is fairly obvious, as anyone that has been to a big box store recently has seen the glut of (for example) Petz titles that should really be thrown into the nearest bonfire or airlock.

In particular, I found this part particularly revealing:

Looking at how long it takes a game to enter “price protection”, which is a term used for when a publisher – having noticed a game isn’t selling very well – lowers the wholesale cost of a game so that retailers can keep it on the shelves at full price, even when the public are ignoring it. What they’ve found is that this practice occurs for 7.5% of 360 games. And 9.09% of PS3 games. But the Wii? It happens for 15.1% of titles.

[18:27] Andrew: now we know why petz: bunniez 2 is still on the shelves
[18:29] Hillary: Because it’s cheaper for the store to put shitty games on the shelf, and they make more money per sale than the good ones. Got it.

Andrew Guyton

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I can believe that. There are so many games for the Wii that simply fall short of all expectations. Have you ever played one of the Petz games? Marcia has one for the Wii, and its graphics look like they are straight from the Nintendo 64. Not even Gamecube quality! Nintendo is happily giving random companies the rights to flood the shelves with crap, if only to deepen their own pockets.

Now, the Wii is still my favorite console. I limit myself only to Nintendo-made games; 3rd parties do not compare.

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